Announcement for Clerk’s Position for Deerwood Township

Deerwood Township has a vacancy for the township clerk position.  Applications should be forwarded to the township as soon as possible or call the current clerk with questions at 218-820-6013.  Listed below are the primary duties of the clerk as described by the Minnesota Association of Townships.

(1) to act as clerk of the town board and keep in the clerk’s office a true record of all of its proceedings;

(2) unless otherwise provided by law, to have custody of the records, books, and papers of the town and file and safely keep all papers required by law to be filed in the clerk’s office;

(3) to record minutes of the proceedings of every town meeting in the book of town records and enter in them at length every order or direction and all rules and regulations made by the town meeting;

(4) to file and preserve all ac-counts audited by the town board or allowed at a town meeting and enter a statement of them in the book of records;

(5) to record every request for a special vote or special town meeting and properly post the requisite notices of them;

(6) to post, as required by law, fair copies of all bylaws made by the town, and make a signed en-try in the town records, of the time when and the places where they were posted and record in full all ordinances passed by the town board in an ordinance book;

(7) to furnish to the annual meeting of the town board of audit every statement from the county treasurer of money paid to the town treasurer, and all other in-formation about fiscal affairs of the town in the clerk’s possession, and all accounts, claims, and demands against the town filed with the clerk; and

(8) to perform any other duties required by law.

Additionally the Deerwood Township Clerk administers elections for Deerwood Township.